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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Open Moto's Call to Unify Mobile Java Platform

On Monday Motorola announced the launch of it's opensource site; opensource.motorola.com, and made a call to "Unify Mobile Java Platform":

Motorola Launches opensource.motorola.com

New Web program to feature code contributions, open source projects, information and idea exchange

Motorola Issues the Call to Unify Mobile Java Platform

Company open sources MIDP3, Java test framework & test cases to jump-start unification movement; encourages mobile industry leaders to support the effort

If they were really serious, i would have expected them to have spent sometime on the presentation of the site - maybe they wanted to let everyone that they had bought the enterprise version of SourceForge.net (maybe?), but it came across half-baked and unprofessional to me... if they aren't even going to put the effort into tailoring the site, how much effort are they going to give the developers?

Releasing test cases to JSR's to Unify Mobile Java? I thought the development and release of test cases (a.k.a. technology compatibility kit) was part of the JCP process?

The cynic in me also tends to think this move is because Motorola staff don’t have the capability to keep up with and debug the companies changing position on operating system usage (is it Symbian, Microsoft, Linux or a Motorola OS we are using this week??)


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