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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Spam controls - maths puzzles and sender-pays

A recent post to the Ferris Research blog, "Outlook 2007 Spam Control Math Puzzle" informed me of the 'math puzzle' challenge for sending email throu exchange. The talkback was interesting, in particular the comment that use of the math puzzle "sounds like a very effective way of requiring everyone to upgrade Outlook...".

The alternate Camram project looks like an interesting implementation of a hybrid sender-pays (or "proof of work" stamp) model that allows it to operating in a mixed environment so universal adoption is not necessary; kinda how you still get street delivered spam, even with a "Offical Post Only" label, but you can always look for the postage stamp to "authenticate" if it went throu the postal system.

If we all used better user authentication systems in email (such as the "The GNU Privacy Guard) then life would be much easier :)


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