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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LEMONADE Profile: The Key Standard for Mobile Messaging

LEMONADE is "License to Enhanced Mobile Oriented And Diverse Endpoints" - not quite Kool-Aid, but similar...

This profile is a collection of existing IMAP and SMTP extensions intended to imporve the ability for mobile clients to deal with email by enabling "action at a distance" message handeling and composition - that is the ability to compose and forward messages with downloading them to the client, essetially by allowing the SMTP server to talk directly to the IMAP server.

IETF Documents

This document describes a profile (a set of required extensions,
restrictions and usage modes) of the IMAP and mail submission
protocols. This profile allows clients (especially those that are
constrained in memory, bandwidth, processing power, or other areas)
to efficiently use IMAP and Submission to access and submit mail.
This includes the ability to forward received mail without needing to
download and upload the mail, to optimize submission and to
efficiently resynchronize in case of loss of connectivity with the
The Lemonade profile relies upon extensions to IMAP and Mail
Submission protocols; specifically URLAUTH and CATENATE IMAP protocol
[RFC3501] extensions and BURL extension to the SUBMIT protocol

Whitepaper from Isode

LEMONADE is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) technology being standardized for support of Mobile Email. The LEMONADE Profile was published as an Internet Standard (RFC 4550) in June 2006. This paper explains what the LEMONADE Profile is about and why it will be the central specification for open standards mobile messaging.


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